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Vivek Govil

Managing Director, Oxford University Press,
United Kingdom

I have worked with Kanika for over a decade now. Initially it was for fitness and flexibility- but over time I realised the strongest benefits for me came from the breathing and meditation that helped centre me and manage my stress. 

I have experienced Kanika’s face to face classes, and since moving countries I have been working virtually and I have found these zoom classes to be very effective too.

Kanika has an amazing understanding of how the body works and by suggesting minor amendments to a posture can make sure you are engaging the muscles that need to be engaged. She is also remarkable at guiding meditations and I leave my class each week ready to take on any challenges the world might throw at me.

Ajay Tyagi

Lawyer, Managing Partner, Lex Terrae, India

My first meeting with Kanika was over a professional matter. However, it was the beginning of a great relationship and healing journey with expertise of Kanika on yoga, emotional freedom technique (“EFT”), and meditation.

My profession holds me to my desk for long hours. It causes long spells of inactivity. Over a period of time this became a chronic lifestyle issue. Working with Kanika helped me to rejuvenate and balance my body, mind, and soul.  This transition into an active lifestyle was an outcome of Kanika’s plan which comprised of a balanced sessions on yoga, EFT and meditation.

Kanika, wish you all the best in your endeavors. I hope that your expertise to balance yoga, EFT and meditation gives hope to people (individuals and corporates) who wish to transition into a more active lifestyle. 

Best wishes always


Dr. Chhabi Ranu Gupta

Professor, Paediatric Surgeon, CNBC Hospital, India

I would like to thank lifestyle and wellness coach Ms Kanika Gupta for being a part of the Cancer Awareness week organised by Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, Delhi. She so succinctly explained the true meaning of yoga and it’s role in preventing cancer and maintaining good health.

The short introductory class she conducted which included breath work, yoga asanas and yoga nidra was well received by the attendees that included medical personnel, patients and their accompanying persons.

Thank you, Ms Kanika once again for sparing your time to be a part of this public awareness programme and conducting such an informative and interesting session.

Tina Rajan

Creative Director, Tinatoons, India

Kanika has been the most patient and persevering teacher. She has helped me push boundaries to overcome fears I have held close all my life.

One on one EFT sessions with her were empowering. She also introduced me to acroyoga that helped me discover a fun-loving side to me, one that I hadn’t known! 

What stands out is Kanika’s knowledge about the mind and body and how she readily explains the scientific aspect of things. She has been a true teacher and I look forward to growing and discovering more with her. I would highly recommend her.

Anuradha Kulkarni

Housewife, Germany

I talked with Kanika for the first time in a state of acute shoulder pain and was looking for solutions in Yoga to ease it.

We had a brief chat for about half an hour, after which she concluded I needed sessions in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) more than Yoga at that point in time. She couldn’t have been more right. We started with EFT the same week.

In our sessions, first, there is great comfort in the thought that I have found someone to express myself freely with. Second, the therapies, hand holding and healing that she offers from day one actually work once you give yourself a chance with it. And all this tied together with her understanding, wise interpretation and uncomplicated way of looking at things is an enormous source of solace.

Kanika’s presence in her sessions is cheerful, righteously demanding and helps to extricate yourself from a mass of entangled emotions and feelings. She never leaves you high and dry, bringing the session to a logical end instead of closing because our session time is over.

I highly recommend Kanika for her sane perspective, effective therapy sessions and calm support when in need. I have been with her only a couple of months, still have a lot of rough edges to smoothen but I know that, sincere effort from my side and guidance from Kanika will help me out of the challenges that seem big  and will also help me grow into stronger person inside out.

Zain Chandan

Regional Vice President, Cvent Europe

Kanika taught and practiced yoga with the Cvent team in London for about 10 sessions. The entire Cvent team were able to practice in a relaxed environment where we all felt comfortable, and were able to progress at our own speed.

The flow of the yoga practice each day allowed us to really enjoy yoga for its tranquil and spiritual effect. She was great as she gave clear instructions so you can get involved in your practice and not have to be looking up or at her all the time to see what you should be doing.

Personally, the benefits for me were that it really relaxed me and rejuvenated my body. The whole Cvent team in London is grateful to Kanika for sharing her knowledge and experience!

Definitely recommend her for any corporate yoga classes or workshops!

Meeta Saran

Product Owner, Software Professional, United States

If you are new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner, Kanika's Yoga class is best match for you. She does her due diligence in understanding your personal needs and design the yoga session that is best suited for you. It is never 'one-size-fits-all' technique from her.

I started with her in one-on-one virtual classes and had a wonderful experience with her as my first Yoga teacher. She explained all yoga poses, and was very careful in making sure that my posture is correct. After each session, I was always rejuvenated. 

We have done multiple EFT sessions, that always works like magic. She is kind and considerate, that allows you to share your personal challenges with her to get the best results in EFT. 

I highly recommend her.

Dr. Deepa Gupta

Dean, G L Bajaj Educational Institutions, India

Dear Kanika,


Heartfelt thanks to you for taking such an informative & knowledgeable session today. I am grateful to you for sparing your valuable time with MBA students of my institute. I am looking forward to welcome you to our campus personally. 

With thanks


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