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Kanika Gupta 


“When you look at things differently, things you look at  change”.

~Max Planck

Welcome, it's nice to connect with you.


Yes, it will be ideal if every thing always works out the way we want it to be. Everyone behaves the way we want them to. And above all, we always live upto all the expectations that we have with ourselves. 

Whereas, I always wish an effortless, happy and healthy life for all of you, but we will agree that many times we are faced with situations which we don't find ideal. Sometimes, we even find them overwhelming and disempowering. Thus begins the stress cycle.  

I have learned that it is possible to modify how challenges & stressful situations affect us- physically, mentally, emotionally. With an integrative body-mind approach, not only can we reverse negative effects of stress considerably, but can also empower ourselves. 

Most of my clients are in the age group of 30-55 years, working professionals with demanding jobs or homemakers managing multiple responsibilities. They have some common symptoms such as, body/joint pain, sleep disturbances, migraine, poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, anxiety/depression, feeling overwhelmed, excessive emotional outbursts, weakness/exhaustion. Apart from improvement in symptoms, they all crave for some peace of mind.


It is heartwarming to witness resilience in them, even in humbling moments. It is rewarding to see them move from feeling weak to feeling self assured. It gives me equal joy to see them moving into better health and positivity.

Let us look at a true client story.

Empowered state of mind

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Shared below is a true and ‘no fluff attached’ experience of “Reframing stress” positively. 

Recently, one of my therapy clients came for a session -

A 55-year old single mother of two college going children with a full time hectic senior level Govt job. 

She said,”Kanika, in the last two months that I have started working with you, as such nothing has changed in my life, the challenges are still there, still, a lot has changed!" 

She further added,"I am no longer dreading going to work, to which I had developed complete aversion and was planning to quit. I understand my children are going through their struggles I am there for them, but that no longer makes me anxious, guilty or hurt. I am taking more care of my health. And I have started looking forward to life like a 25 yr. There is still a lot to my life, even at 55!"


This is not where it ends. This is the beginning of what empowerment can feel like. 

Empowerment is a state of mind. It is not the end of the challenge but a shift in perspective, an inner assurance that no matter what comes, I feel capable, including asking for help when needed

You know what it does?

It makes us more open to life, giving it our best, knowing that no matter what, I can deal with it .

Growing up in a family of medical doctors, I had a natural inclination towards knowing more about the human body. Biology was my first love and my father was my first teacher.


But as a teenager, I realised though the medical model was amazing and I have high regards for medical doctors, but it did not have answers to all my questions about humans - when humans are not at ease but there might not be any disease!


Besides, I could not find answers to my own sense of inner restlessness. "Don’t worry, Dont stress, though I knew were the  right ideal to live by, were not helping.

This inclined me towards yoga and other healing modalities (now Body-Mind practices). That calm and quiet was what I was craving for. 

I also felt, psychology studies, which were majorly relying on talk therapy, could work better in combination with the Body-Mind approach. 

Bit of background

Working closely with a mentor made me realise, while mind-body practices give us the fuel and even the vehicle to move but, without a navigator, we may not know what to do with it. A mentor/coach is that navigator.

My education and trainings
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I have been teaching yoga and supporting people with EFT and healing professionally since 2006. 


Received teacher’s training from two most respected yoga schools (traditions) worldwide: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram (Kerala, Jan 2006). Extended advanced yoga studies at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Chennai, 2010-2012) with Navtej Johar as my Yoga mentor. His creative application of yoga principles in movement and breath have been  my inspiration.


Completed Postgraduate education as a Health and Behaviour Modification Psychologist (2004-2005) along with an internship at PSRI hospital.


In 2004, introduced to EFT, Energy healings and various mind-body modalities through Rohini Singh (Author, Spiritual Life coach, Corporate Trainer). I was fortunate to be personally mentored by Rohini, who, is still a  dear mentor and friend.


I continue to explore areas of science, wellness and consciousness.

In the area of yoga and consciousness, I am inspired by the talks of Adyashanti, Mooji, Thich Nhat Hanh and Sadhguru.


Currently, I am finding ‘Huberman lab’ podcasts (Neuroscience) very educational. I also find work on ‘Stress’ by Robert Sapolsky and ‘Trauma’ by Bessel Vander Kolk and Peter Levine impressive.

I enjoy fitness (I am a trained pilates, ACE & Reebok trainer), Acroyoga, and dancing.

Recently started learning guitar where I am seriously struggling though I believe that’s a good stress. 

Love walking in my beautiful neighbourhood park and meeting my park puppies (dogs now) - Chubby, Peppy et al.

Known as an introvert, I can be an extrovert by choice.

Though not a big time foodie, but ‘Ginger Chai’ (unsweetened) is love. At times some lucky clients get ginger banana cake made by me (of course I am luring you to my sessions).

I feel even the most serious discussions can have a window for humour and laughter.

Some fun facts
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If there are still more questions or doubts, connect with me personally via email or schedule a free consultation call.

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