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Behaviour Modification Techniques

Adopting constructive behaviours to deal with stress.

It is said, we suffer more because of our own behavior than that of others. 

There have been studies establishing that our beliefs and perspective towards stressful situations affect our health more than the actual stressor. It is possible to change how stress affects us by changing our perspective.

During stressful times, humans can create maladaptive ways to cope with stress. This can contribute stress cycle to continue even later than when we actually faced stressful situations. Forcing a ‘positive’ lifestyle, habit, thought, behaviour or perspective may create more reaction and stress.

Once there is more coherence between body and mind, mind is more open to change and adopt healthy and constructive behaviours. And there are higher chances of adherence in the long term.

My formal education was as Health and Behaviour Modification Psychologist before I delved into Yoga and EFT full time. I apply various techniques and concepts of behaviour modification from yoga psychology and western psychology to develop more constructive behaviours which support ‘Reframing stress’.

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