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Using breathing techniques to change out body-mind states.

We can regulate our nervous system directly by regulating our breath. Techniques of breath regulation, or even as simple as being aware of breathing, have profound positive effects on our body and mind.

Yoga described breath as the bridge between body and mind. According to yoga science, Pranayama techniques (breath regulation exercises) purify the mind and make it focused and inward.

  • Breathing exercises help us to breathe more efficiently. 

  • Supports healthy lungs, heart, brain and overall circulation. 

  • There are specific exercises which can make us energised when we are feeling sluggish and can make us feel relaxed when we feel anxious or hyper.

  • Breathwork can also be part of meditative practices. They are very good preparatory practice for sitting in silence.

Since breathwork can have a very direct effect on a person’s body, I offer different breathwork practices depending on the client’s physical and mental health. 

Apart from my client sessions, I facilitate breathwork sessions/modules, which can be safely applied for groups.

1) A 2017 study found that participants who completed 20 breathwork training sessions over eight weeks had significantly low levels of the stress hormone cortisol compared with those who did not receive the training. (Cortisol is responsible for our body’s stress response and high levels of it can cause chronic inflammation.) 

2) Breathing to inspire and arouse- Conscious breathing during yoga, meditation, or psychotherapy can modulate emotion, arousal state, or stress. 

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