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Mindful Bodywork

Breath inspired slow, mindful movements and holds.

Any kind of physical exercise is good for physical and mental health, as it helps to unwind and de-stress. I do suggest my clients with some kind of physical exercise (cardio resistance training , stretching, yoga) regularly, however some people are so drained or in such pain that even a simple walk may feel exhausting.

We may hold stress in our bodies as tightness or pain, but might be completely oblivious to it, until it becomes big enough to interfere in our lives like chronic back pain or neck pain.

Moving or holding a pose with compassionate/non judgemental attention and accompanying it with slow breathing is therapeutic and has been the essence of traditional yoga asana practice. But unlike yoga asana practice in current times, where the goal is to do a pose correctly, my intent is to first mobilise the body, encouraging it to release tightness and later explore more possibilities. Mindful body work can help:

  • To be more attuned to what our body’s sensations and feelings (feeling more connected with our bodies).

  • To release muscle tension.

  • To release emotional trauma and pain.

  • To supports optimal breathing by activating “breathing muscles”.

  • It calms down the nervous system by activating relaxation response to release physical and psychological tension.

Because each body has different demands and concerns, I mostly offer bodywork practice in 1:1 sessions, depending on the client’s physical and mental health. However, Reframing Stress programs has mindful bodywork modules with specific focus (back/neck/shoulders/eyes) for groups as well.

Ref: Studies using Yoga were more efficacious in promoting changes in HRV parameters and perceived stress. Effects of Mind–Body Exercises (Tai Chi/Yoga) on Heart Rate Variability Parameters and Perceived Stress.

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