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I offer both virtual and in person therapy & coaching sessions .This is my primary way of connecting with clients. 

After a free consultation call, if you feel ready to take the next step, we can schedule a session. We will:-

Meet (online or at my studio office).

Discuss the current situation and intent moving forward.

Break down the situation/intent into ‘bite-size portions’

that feel possible to you at that moment.

Accordingly, choose appropriate body-mind approach/es

for your current physical and mental state. 

Periodically review, to appreciate the positive changes

and to modify the approach if needed. 


Net Fees INR 1600 (domestic)/30 USD or equivalent (international) for a 75 minutes session. *Net of taxes. Remittance Charges and correspondent bank charges (if any) would be solely borne by the client.

Discounted packages available, price on request. Book a free consultation call. 

“Reframe Stress” programs for corporates & groups

I offer both virtual and on-site programs for corporates and sizeable groups.

An organisation is a living entity. Wellbeing of the employees is the wellbeing of an organisation. 


Taking interest in employee’s well being not only aids company’s overall growth by reducing employee absenteeism or increasing productivity but, it also increases their trust in the company. And when we are in trust, we are motivated to give more (happily).

Reframing Stress program has small modules which can be easily applied in your office setting as well.

Programs/modules are customised according to duration, number of people and kind of space available.


Some of the popular modules for corporates are: 

Yoga nidra 

Breath work and Meditation 


For more details about my offerings, check out My Approach.

Price varies according to mode of delivery - virtual/onsite; size of the group; kind of module.


Contact me and we can discuss further.

Free of cost wellness resources

I like to educate and share information on health and wellness through various social media platforms.

Do check out 'Managing Anxiety' and 'Managing Depression' series on YouTube, which include separate Intro, Bodywork, Breathwork and EFT.

Apart from YouTube, I am active on Instagram & Facebook and Blog.


Support and join my social media accounts and help me spread good health and positivity.

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Virtual "Reframing Stress" Programmes and events

Open group virtual/studio events announced from time.

To be announced.

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