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Kanika Gupta




An Integrative Body-Mind approach towards handling stress better.

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Stress is not just in your mind.

Your body feels stress too.

You can change how it feels.


Not feeling ok?

This is how I can help. Scroll down to know more.

I work with people who feel 'stressed-out' and are  trying 'to get hold of' their health and life.

I enable them to:

Recover/minimise the negative effects

of acute & chronic stress.


Enhance their physical and psychological health.


Choose constructive behaviours, lifestyle and mindset to feel most sufficient and efficient in any situation.


Be more open and receptive to the experience of life.



There will always be some event, situation or a person
that will 'get on our nerves'.
But, we can still choose and modify how it affects us.
And this is not only an esoteric  spiritual philosophy,
it is a scientific fact. 

Most of my clients are in the age group of 30-55 years, working professionals with demanding jobs or homemakers managing multiple responsibilities.

Let's look at what my clients have to say.


Vivek Govil 

Managing Director, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom

..Kanika has an amazing understanding of how the body works and by suggesting minor amendments to a posture can make sure you are engaging the muscles that need to be engaged. She is also remarkable at guiding meditations and I leave my class each week ready to take on any challenges the world might throw at me.



1on 1 Session

I offer both virtual and in person 1:1therapy & coaching.

“Reframe Stress programs for corporates & groups

I offer both virtual and on site workshops for corporates and sizeable groups.

Free of cost wellness resources 

I  like to educate & share information on health and wellness via  social media platforms. 

Virtual "Reframing Stress" Programmes and events

Open group virtual/studio events

To be announced.


Try this easy HUMMING BREATHWORK to calm down that mental noise and to enhance focus.

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"Thinking and talking alone can't resolve stress."

Let's have a look at Body-Mind integrative approach.


Stress is not only in our heads it's a whole body phenomenon.

Some amount of stress is good for us, it moves us to grow and succeed. However, persistent stress can cause numerous health issues like chronic pain, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, pcod, weight gain/loss, insomnia, depression, anxiety etc. Resolving it alone by talking, understanding and analysing helps, but, is not enough for everyone.

Our bodies have an inbuilt system to deal with stress and all we have  to do is to tap into this system and support its efficient and smooth running.

I use evidence based integrative body-mind practices, along with concepts and techniques from eastern (yoga) & western psychology, to address stress-related health concerns. I further arm my clients with practical skills and protocols which they can 'lean on' during stressful situations.

  • Yoga 

  • Meditation 

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Deep Rest - Yoga Nidra 

  • Breath-Work

  • Mindful Body-Work

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Energy Healings - Reiki 

  • Lifestyle Interventions 

  • Behaviour Modification Techniques 

  • Therapy & Coaching

With over 15 years of professional experience in Yoga, Emotional Freedom Techniques & Energy Healings, I integrate my education & experience as a Health & Behaviour Modification Psychologist to support people.

Thanks for your interest.
I am Kanika Gupta.

Just like you, I get 'stressed out' too. But, over years of working with clients and through my personal experience, I have learned that:

Fighting a stressful experience,
denying it/suppressing it, creates more stress and affects health negatively.

Body-centered approach alongside talk therapies is a better approach to address stress related issues.

It is possible to use 'stress' as a fuel to grow and empower ourselves.




Try this short and simple tapping technique to feel an instant change in your energy levels.


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;  +91-9899296038;  Shivalik, New Delhi-17.

(Preferred mode of calling - WhatsApp)

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Kindly note: None of my work is a replacement for medical advice. In some cases, working with a medical doctor/psychiatrist alongside will be advisable. Full disclosure of any medical condition is important. All information provided by the client will be fully confidential.


Try this easy to do mindful bodywork to relax your tight  back and refresh your mind.


Team it with Yoga Nidra for more benefits.

Yoga Nidra
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Did you know?

Yoga Nidra not only helps to relax deeply but also enhances memory and learning. 

Experience deep relaxation with my recorded short free Yoga Nidra practice. 

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