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Healthy Eating ( part 1) 

Herein, I am putting together some healthy eating tips helpful towards weight management. These are suggestions, see how you can use them to work out a diet plan for your own self. These suggestions are in two parts, assimilate the first part, will post second part with sample diet plan soon 🙂

1. H2O!! Drink lots of water throughout the day. It is very important to keep body hydrated especially during summers. Instead of having that extra cup of tea or coffee or even sodas (they dehydrate the body) stick to cool, clean and fresh water, you can always add lemon juice in water for that nice tangy taste. And weight watchers Water is ZERO calorie drink!!

2. You can even start your day with a glass of luke warm water with lemon and half teaspoon of honey. It works as great detox.

3. Add lots of vegetables (boiled or steamed), salads (without dressing) and fruits in your daily diet. At least half of your plate should be full of veggies and fruits (watermelons, papaya, guava, orange etc)

4. Have a healthy nutritious breakfast. Add healthy carbohydrates in your breakfast. This is most imp meal of the day.

5. Switch to fat-free (skimmed) or low-fat (1%) milk.

6. Add fist full of nuts -almonds (10-12in no’s) or walnuts (9-10) or peanuts in your plan. They are a v good source of protein. Nuts also have imp fatty acids. hey also keep you feeling full and give you good energy. Note that nuts have high fat content that is why we are keeping a limit. You can also munch on roasted gram, this does not come under the category of nuts but good source of protein, roasted gram can be taken more in quantity.

7. Add sprouts / dals (at least 2 bowls per day) in your diet preferably cooked in v low oil.

8. Add big plate of salad in your lunch and dinner (cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, carrot, radish etc)

9. Add a bowl of low fat curd in your diet. Butter milk is another good drink during summers, it cools down the body, very refreshing, and energizing and still low calorie drink.

10. If you must have rice, remove starch while cooking. One small rice bowl is appoximately equal to one chapatti, so plan your meal accordingly.

Healthy Eating: Part 2… in next post.

P.S I found this link interesting

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