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Did you sit quietly with your breath today ? 

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

“Breath is central to yoga because it is central to life, and yoga is about life.”~T.Krishnamacharya.

At times people come and ask me if they can practice yoga or not, to which I reply as long as you are breathing you can practice yoga!

Yoga is not limited to some physical regime or body contortions, it’s a practice of awareness, reflection and stillness in action – whether during asana practice or in life.

There are many reasons why breath is of that importance in the traditional systems of yoga. And through my own practice and reflection I feel one of the important reason is – its proximity to us yet it’s independent, self-sustaining existence.

•Breathing involuntary and that is it’s beauty.

•It’s nature is to flow freely.

•We may feel at times we can control it but it’s an illusion we can just remove the obstacles which are obstructing it’s flow.

Here, I am practicing deep “Ujjayi” breathing or ocean breath( turn on the volume) – very calming and soothing. Generally taught as pranayama but in Krishnamacharya system we practice asnas(exceptions can be there) with conscious ujjayi breathing.

•Ujjayi breathing helps to de-stress and relax.

•It’s very rejuvenating and healing(exceptions can be there)

•Slowly and effortlessly it leads a practitioner into a meditative state.

More on breathing, mind and mediation in coming posts.

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