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What I feel and believe is right and rest is wrong leads to war inside and outside.

Yes, I have been somewhat consumed by the present geopolitical situation in the world.

Whereas I have zero expertise to comment on anything related to politics, history or wars but I can see the interplay of minds of involved leaders amidst all this, based on what I observe through the media.

At times, at a basic level this feels like dog's fights for the territory. Mostly the one with power and bigger gang wins. There is no right and wrong.

But some points are coming to my mind :

1) In dog's world when they fight for territory, alpha leads on the battleground facing the first blow, gang follows behind. In human wars army and civilians face physical threat first.

2) What makes us forget that we are humans not dogs? Mother nature has blessed humans with higher intelligence and awareness, what makes us forget that?

3) Fear for life and safety is definitely a primal fear nature has given us to strive, to survive.

We fight, we change, we adapt to survive. But, when point of views are regarded as life and death situation, things get complicated.

Humanity suffering, Earth being wounded because the leaders are unable to see beyond their point of views and interests is the reality of the moment. May be it has always been the case in any war.

It's heartbreaking but yes, it is how it is at the moment.

I always stay with hope, what ever is the situation. I still hope peace, understanding and mutual trust prevails. May our leaders be in touch with their wisdom and make way for peaceful


May the suffering end.

Love and prayers ❤️


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