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5 Simple Affordable and Science backed additions for better health

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Here are five healthy additions to your day which are absolutely free of cost but benefits are tremendous:

1) Viewing sunlight. Preferably during early hours of the day. Light to the eyes, not only to the skin. Keep in mind any bright light can harm eyes if seen directly, so dawn and dusk are the best times.

2) 20-30 minutes of walk in nature. Allow your eyes to wander as you walk. Eye movements activate certain circuits in the brain which are connected with relaxation. Also supports healthy vision.

3) Dim lights after 10 pm. Avoid bright screens late at night.

4) Once or twice a week fast for 12-14 hours (skip breakfast or have an early lunch).

5) Drink water. Studies show that brain performs better when one is hydrated.

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